Social Responsability

Since inception in 2001, at FARAD Group we have developed a unique approach to business and we have always been driven by a set of solid values defining our identity.

At SELECTRA we nurture a proactive integration of the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria to the business choices we make on a daily basis.

We are convinced that a thoughtful sustainable approach to business is not only a way to act professionally and responsibly, but also an essential competitive advantage in a changing world where ensuring the positive impact of the investment decisions will guarantee the companies’ success in the long-term.


Betting on sustainable finance

We give credence to the idea that businesses can be “a force for good” in global economies. As a consequence, we expand our values to the industry

through the development of impact finance strategies or Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) investment opportunities.

Over time, this approach has been reflected in the development of exclusive financial products such as:


  • Half of our Assets Under Management are sustainably invested.
  • We act as ManCo of more that 10 funds in sustainable finance.
  • As a Group, we obtained in 2017 the B-Corp Certification, becoming the second organisation recognised as such in Luxembourg.