Why choosing SELECTRA?

SELECTRA acts as Third Party Fund Provider in order to support the activity of institutional promoters not willing to set up their own management company or investment fund.

Independence, transparency and accountability
The company’s ownership structure is designed to guarantee its total independence, without neither influence from third parties nor conflict of interests. Moreover, we believe in a stable and transparent relationship with our clients, which we strenghten by providing detailed periodical reports and information on all the services offered as well as by constantly acting in compliance with the regulatory framework, delivering the best available products and services.
Innovation, expertise and social responsibility
Innovation rests at the roots of our structure both as a company and as a group. Therefore, we constantly select the most diversified investment strategies including traditional and innovative solutions, according to the specific needs of the client, the various economic and geopolitical scenarios and market trends. Recognised as a Group as B-Corporation, we integrate ESG criteria in our investment choices and our sustainable development strategy.