Our aim is to create added value by identifying and providing our customers (private and institutional, as well as independent advisors) with the best solutions through an active and flexible approach.
The characteristics which distinguish us are:

SELECTRA is purely owned by its Managers. We do consider this ownership structure as essential to guarantee excellent professional and client dedicated services, without any influence from third parties or institutions.
The Fund Provider activitiy includes various services on both the harmonized (UCITS) and alternative funds (AIFM).We are constantly committed to finding the best solution for every single client taking into high consideration his specific needs.
Our job is constantly aimed to provide our client's satisfaction by offering the best in terms of commitment and availability
We invest time and energy to ensure that, within the respect of the regulatory framework, we can deliver delivered to our clients the best possible services to match their expectations
We establish and maintain a very transparent and close relationship with our clients, providing detailed reporting and information on all the services we offer. In particular, we believe that only through a dedicated relationship with our clients we can both accurately identify their needs and assure an high quality of service