Courty European Investment Fund SICAV–RAIF


Name: Courty European Investment Fund SCA SICAV–RAIF

Inception: 11/2017

Inv. Manager: Atlantic capital Ltd

Fund Description: The objective of the RAIF is to provide investors with a choice of investment strategies/types of investments through several investment programs structured as several separate Compartments.

Globally, the aim of the RAIF is to take advantage of several attractive opportunities in various asset classes through different investment programs.


REAL ESTATE – The objective of the Fund is to generate profits over a medium term horizon by making investments directly or indirectly through SPVs in luxury real estate properties.

PRIVATE EQUITY – The Company’s investment objective is to obtain superior returns and to achieve capital growth by investing its assets directly or indirectly through SPVs in securities issued by companies whose equity securities are not listed on stock exchange complying with the requirements applicable to regulated financial instruments markets.

LIQUID STRATEGY – The Company’s investment objective is to invest in a highly diversified range of products allowing the investment policy, due to its high level of flexibility, to respond faster to economic realities and to anticipate market changes with optimum results.

Geographical area: France, Spain, Portugal, UK, Switzerland

Asset Class: Real Estate, Private Equity, any other Transferable Securities and Financial Instruments