THE GUARDIAN SICAV – Helmet Dynamic Fund


Inception: 23/05/2016

Inv. Manager: FIA Asset Management S.A.

Inv. Advisor: The Guardian Multi Family Office Limited

Strategy: The main objective of this fund is to generate a capital growth and to provide income over the medium to long term, with a target of creating capital appreciation especially in negative market conditions, by investing mainly in short-term bonds (both investment grade and non-investment grade, including convertible bonds and inflation linked bond), derivative instruments (with a focus on volatility) in order to de-correlate the Sub-Fund’s portfolio from the market, and ancillary (i.e. up to
The fund may invest in futures on volatility (VIX futures, listed at CBOE Futures Exchange, and VSTOXX future, listed at Eurostoxx) when volatility is low, in order to protect the Sub-Fund from negative events. On the contrary, the Sub-Fund will sell volatility when it is high, remaining invested in short term bond and debt-related instruments to protect the portfolio from high volatility.

Geographical area: Worldwide

Asset Class: Dynamic

Info :