Profilo Global Student Housing Fund


Name: Profilo Global Student Housing Fund

Inception: 26/11/2019

Inv. Advisor: N/A

Strategy: The objective of the Sub-Fund is to invest at least 85% of its assets in shares of “GSA Coral Student Portfolio”, sub-fund of “GSA Coral Portfolio S.C.A. SICAV-SIF”, a Luxembourg specialized investment fund (hereafter, the “Master Fund”).
The investment objective of the Master Fund is to achieve significant long term capital growth by investing principally in “Underlying Funds” (i.e. one or more diversified private equity funds and assimilated entities in which the Master Fund is investing) investing in student housing primarily located in various cities and regions of the G20 countries.
The investment in the Master Fund offers the opportunity for long-term investment in property without the usual problems of individual property management and the worry of short term property value volatility. It must be remembered, however, that past performance is no guarantee of future success. The investment is intended to be long-term.

Geographical area: N/A

Asset Class: Master-feeder fund