SELECTRA determines the optimal fund structure to be set-up, defining the legal documentation and handling the approval of the fund with the CSSF.

You will be provided with legal and technical assistance at each step of your fund project constitution.

  • SELECTRA determines the feasibility of the fund to be set-up, indicating the most appropriate legal form given the needs of the Promoter.
  • A dedicated team assists the Promoter in defining the investment policy and focuses on the preparation and/or review of all legal documentation and operational implementation.
  • The company prepares the filing documentation to be provided to the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financière (CSSF) for the approval of the fund and handles ongoing discussions with authorities until final approval is obtained. SELECTRA counts on an in house legal department specialised in the set up of new funds.

SELECTRA will accomplish all the necessary steps in relation with the set up of the fund and performs all regulatory and reporting obligations.

Management Company

Our core business is to act as a Third Party Management Company providing management, administrative, distribution, marketing and risk management services to serve fund initiators not willing to set up their own Management Company or Investment Fund.

The Management Company is responsible for:

  • Safeguarding the investors’ interest, including compliance with marketing and sales regulations, as well as best practice methods.
  • All information aimed to investors, management and follow up of conflicts of interest and complaint handling, as well as best execution of fund’s transactions.
  • The adequacy and permanent monitoring of the Fund’s  risk management. It oversees all kinds of financial risks inherent to the instruments used by the Fund, with the support of specialised risk managers, performing a role of control and due diligence.
Support services

SELECTRA also provides independent services to third parties self-managed funds in order to support their governance.

The company acts as service supplier for self-managed funds and internally managed AIFs willing to delegate part of their activity to a specialized and independent counterparty in Luxembourg.

SELECTRA provides a full range of administrative services linked to the day-by-day activity of the Fund’s relationship management with fund service providers and counterparties. In addition, it can also provide directorship services and corporate services, such as independent board members for the funds and their related companies beneath their structure if necessary.

Fund distribution

SELECTRA acts as fund distributor due to its European passport, supporting funds’ marketing in different Countries. It provides legal and operational assistance for entering into distribution and introducing agreements with third parties.

SELECTRA monitors the distribution activity on an ongoing basis for example:

  • Reconciliation of the shareholder’s register, distribution/introducing fee calculation based on stipulated agreements.
  • Marketing arrangements and legal notifications of distribution in third EU countries, acting as  main contact person before the regulatory third EU authorities.
  • Analysis of distribution channels supported by our existing relationships with fund platforms.

Our funds are authorized for distribution in several countries such as Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, France and Switzerland. For more details on the distribution of each of the funds under our management please visit the Funds section.